Something rather than Nothing, AZ. 2013
Color photograph, framed email, postal packet and super 8 film roll.
Variable dimensions.

Exhibitions views of The Interval

During summer 2012, I went to the US seeking a abandonned place called “Nothing” in order to make a super 8 movie from it.
Once I reached this remote place of Arizona, I had a chance encounter with a book writer, whom had came 10 years before, at the same spot, to meet those who had created Nothing. The email shown in the exhibition tells the end of the story.


“Hi Brad,
It has been a while since you got news from me.
The reason is quite simple. I just received the super 8 film that I had shot in Nothing, wrapped in a cardboard
box and covered with stickers, more than 5 months after I sent it to the lab in L.A.
I don’t know what happened really but I guess miracles exists after all.
I’ve been quiet these past months because at one point, I truly thought that this film roll was gone
forever, as well as the video project.
During all this time I’ve been thinking about Nothing, your text and our chance encounter there, in the middle of
nowhere. I tried hard to write something for the video project but as the film appeared to be lost, I slowly begun to
like the idea of an invisible movie.
Last year you asked me to let you know if I ever make something about Nothing.
Well this time has come, I’ve been invited to an exhibition.
I’m going to keep the film concealed in its unopened cardboard box and
show it that way, as a piece of Nothing, AZ.
Thanks for all,