Exhibition views at Optica, contemporary art center. Montreal, Canada.
Animatio 2017
Video 2K, colour, sound

While the strip remained an object of fascination for mathematicians throughout the 19th century, it was quickly taken up by some very influential thinkers in the human and social sciences. Lacanian psychoanalysis, for instance, uses the Möbius strip as a spatialization model for the work of the unconscious.
As for formal dimensions of Discrit’s video, they refer to a series of drawings and woodcuts produced by M.C. Escher in the early 1960s depicting nine red ants crawling along a Möbius strip, usually placed vertically.
Following a precise contortion, the Möbius strip—which becomes a felt space in the video— reveals the cyclical relationship between the physical elaboration of a mathematical concept, its reuse in the social sciences, its potential artistic representations, and the experience it can afford as a physical phenomenon.

Daniel Fiset

DOP: Caroline Le Hello
Set PA: Marina Fliss
Soundtrack: Laurent Montaron

Laboratoire d’Éthologie Expérimentale et Comparée de l’Université Paris XIII, Plani-Presse (Paris), Caroline Le Hello, Chantal Poteaux and Nicolas Chaline, Gabrielle Gautier, Jean-Michel Ross, Anne-Sarah Bénichou, Thomas Dupouy, Laurent Montaron, Christophe Acker, Claire Moeder, and Olivia Grandperrin.

Directed by Julien Discrit