Carte mémoire -Paris- 2008
Wood, 25 stainless steel marbles
40 x 75 x 2 cm


Carte mémoire -Los Angeles- 2010
Wood, 20 stainless steel marbles
60 x 73 x 2 cm

Carte mémoire -Montréal- 2016
Wood, 24 stainless steel marbles
74,5 x 40,5 x 2 cm

Taking up the rules used in the building of Micronesian stick charts, Carte mémoire (Memory Card/Map)offers a primitive and personnal cartography of the city of Paris. Built on an oversimplified pattern, with no respect of distance, it sets up a support to the memorization of space and it flows, representing the remembered spots as islands of an intimate achipelago.