Le Souvenir des pierres
Solo show

from May 21st to July 16th 2016
Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou, Paris.

The exhibition’s title “Le Souvenir des pierres” combines notions that seem to be opposed in every way. First, a temporal opposition between an immutable time that rocks embody and in an other hand, what is always dissipating, the fleeting, the memory that trying to keep us in the precarious form of remembrance.
But also a material opposition between the stone commonly representing a material devoid of life or at least, fossilized life and the memory, involving on the contrary, life and activity.

It is from this association apparently paradoxical that Julien Discrit created the artworks of its first personal exhibition at Anne-Sarah Bénichou’s gallery.
In fact, each one tries, in its way, to highlight the rich and vibrant link binding us to stones : recording the world memory as our own, and presenting forms whose necessity fascinates us.

The exhibition covers the artist’s important areas of investigation as the mapping, the memory and the relations of scale. Through a set of works, combining, video, photo or sculpture, the exhibition tries to reveal what is binding our existence to mineral as custodian of our memories or when the stones itself remember…